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We’re Tammy and Lexi, a mother and daughter team that together are blogging virtual assistants. We support wedding professionals with high-quality, high-converting blog posts of weddings, engagements, editorials, venues, and evergreen. 

For the wedding professionals who...

knows the importance of blogging

can't find the time to blog their Content

Lacks Knowledge of SEO

That's where we come in!

Did you capture a beautiful wedding that was your dream client and you want more weddings like this? Perfect! Then let’s get this blog up on your website to attract more weddings like this! 

Doesn't like to write

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"Hiring a virtual assistant can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I realized I was in good hands with Lexi and Tammy as soon as we had our first consultation call. This mother-daughter duo are organized, check in consistently, and always deliver wonderful work. With a full-time job and a wedding and stationery business on the side, outsourcing my blogging was a great decision to free up some of my time and has allowed me to focus on other important areas of my business, while trusting my blog content and imagery to these two experts."

" Always deliver wonderful work"

- Sierra Dyer, 2021

Are you ready to take blogging off of your to-do list?

Cool, we're Willow Grace Assistants and we're here for you! Blogging is what we do best. Every day, we guide and assist wedding professionals through the process of outsourcing their blogging to us. We do the hard work, and you get to showcase your creativity to your community and future clients.

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